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Orchestra Audience

Two plays written by DC Speura's

Welcome to the world of drama, where Irish-themed plays come alive on stage! Here, you'll discover the captivating plays penned by DC Speura: The one-act, ever-so-irreverent The Creation(ish) and the full-length play, set in a local Dublin bar,

The Tart n' Cart.

The Creation(ish)

The Creationish_edited.jpg

The Creation(ish) is a one-act, two-scene, light-hearted play that explores how we look at the concept of the creation of the Universe, the stars, and the fundamental foundation of humanity.


What if the ‘Divine” was, in fact, just an ‘ordinary’ family at home, Pops, Gabe, and Lucy, with all its petty squabbles, patriarchal disinterest, and sibling rivalries?


In the beginning, there were no blueprints for building men and women, and remember, we are complex creatures, so who knew precisely what bits were needed, how many, and what went where?





The Tart n’ Cart

So, destiny. Is it in our hands? Do we control our decisions, or is there divine intervention involved?

The Tart n’ Cart, an Irish Bar, takes us inside a local Dublin pub on a quiet Tuesday afternoon, with just a few “locals” sharing the ‘crack.’ And, of course, two angels!

There is Dark Angel, who continually plays tricks on people and whispers words of “Have fun, be selfish, grow rich, more sex!” into their left ear, and White Angel, who whispers into their right ear, “Share love, joy, peace, and harmony.”

But what if fate dictates a very much darker future for all those assembled in the bar that day? Can two diversly different guiding angels put all their differences aside, just this one time, and work together to save them?

A light-hearted look at destiny, do we really control it ourselves, or are we just puppets in the hands of a higher power? Will Paddy, Niall, Finbar, Brenda, and Danny survive this tragic day? Witness Dark Angel conduct music to a horse race? Does White Angel help design a new video game? But more importantly, will Dark Angel get his name on more toilet doors than Murphy’s Dark Angel?

Join us for the ‘crack’ in watching life (or death!) unfold in the Tart n’ Cart Irish Bar.

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