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Hey there! I'm DC Speura
-and I breathe life into ancient myths.

Think of me as your guide through the forgotten whispers of Ireland's ancient past.  


I adore researching and finding these old stories, these myths and legends of ancient Hibernia that have echoed through the ages. I love digging them up, dusting them off, and weaving them into tales that fire the imagination.

I still remember that exact day when this passion for Irish history was planted in my young head. It must be over forty years ago now. Stuck in a mind-numbing lesson about the six wives of some English bloke, Henry the somethin'-or-other. I couldn't hold it in anymore. "Why are we learnin' this?" I blurted out to the grumpy history professor. "Where's the history of our own land, Ireland?" Like a hawk, he glared at me, "Ireland has no history, boy," he snapped. "Dull place, it was. Now, back to Anne Boleyn."

That right there lit a fire under me. Ireland? Dull? Never! Some overweight fella marrying six times— now that's dull, or maybe just stupid! So, a seed of defiance was planted that day. I was going to prove him wrong, researching all that history they hid from us right this very day!

Ah, but life takes its twists and turns. Let's just say Guinness and the company of the opposite sex steered me on a different path for a while. But that seed, all those years ago, sprouted eventually and grew into this all-consuming passion you see today.

Writing is my lifeblood. I get excited when I dig up old myths and legends of Ancient Hibernia and tell them to anyone who'll take the time to listen. The research uncovered forgotten stories of Hibernian kings and queens, magic, good and evil gods, epic romances, fierce warriors, and the everyday lives of those ancient tribes. It is a treasure trove, waiting to see the light of day again!

So, if you're ready to journey back to a time of brave warriors, mystical events and powerful druids, then come along with me! Let's explore the wonders that lie beneath the tapestry of Hibernia's stars.

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